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Accommodation in Poland

A search of the premises. The conclusion of contracts. Recruitment.

Staff recruitment

Search of staff. Staff training. Consulting: HR audit, labour legislation. Further support.

Registration of companies in Poland

We will help you to open a company, taking into account all Your requirements.

Why choos US4 reasons to work with us

More than 10 years of experience

  • The firm has more than ten years of experience on the European labour market.
  • We are ready to delight You only with the quality and efficiency of our work, which immediately have a positive impact on Your business.


Our staff of experts

  • The firm has a staff of highly skilled professionals in areas such as: recruitment and training of personnel, work permits.
Оur fleet of cars

  • The company has own fleet of machinery, able to resolve issues with staff both at work and places of residence.
Positive history





Placing of part of business in Poland

If You are interested in transferring Your business to Poland or want to start a business from scratch in Poland, we, in the face of the company NORDSTAFF Sp.zo.o. will provide You with this assistance.
Your benefit:


The transfer of business from countries such as England, Germany, France to Poland will bring You a savings more than three times the payment of salaries to staff, rent warehouse and industrial premises.



What we do:


Help You to open a new company from scratch or open a representation of Your company

Organize your accounting and legal support

Help you to rent or to buy manufacturing and warehouse facilities
Provide You staff working at those conditions that You are satisfied




Our WorksAccommodation in Poland

Search and recruitment

One of our specialties is the provision of operating personnel. Usually it came from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova. What is the reason? People from these countries come to Poland to earn, as a rule, are stable and are very different from the local working staff that has long marked by local employers. Given our experience in recruitment, we are able to promptly provide You with staff as quickly as possible and adapt it to the specifics of Your business. We are working as a recruitment Agency or stifflingly company and as a service provider in Your area of activities outsourced.






Your benefits:


  • Your Company does not bear absolutely no costs associated with hiring
  • When hiring an employee, we pay for his insurance premiums and taxes. Do everything to make our staff had a full set of documents necessary for legal employment
  • Instead of doing the full accounting and human resources – Partner receives a once a month invoice VAT
  • The administration is on the side NORDSTAFF Sp.zo.about. (visas, work permits , employment contract, etc.)
  • You will immediately get the employee ready to work
  • All problems related to personnel, namely recruitment, replacement of new are on the side NORDSTAFF Sp.zo.o.

Profit starts where costs are minimized.

We are ready to help You to place a part of your business, from finding premises, registering the Company in Poland, and ending with the provision of workers.

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Workers from Ukraine are massively going to work in Poland February 13
Workers from Ukraine are massively going to work in Poland
848 Recently, in Poland saw record-low unemployment. According to the European statistical office, in September was less than 6%. Little big numbers on the eve allocated by the Department of statistics in Poland, but they were at the lowest level since the early 1990-ies. Analysts believe that the decline in unemployment… Read more...
Workers from the East February 13
Workers from the East
426 In recent years, the number of students from Ukraine has increased seven times, and the work was added 3 times more. What is the reason? Previously, many people used to earn in Russia, but now increasingly seen Poland as the main employer. For anybody not a secret that Russia also… Read more...

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