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Workers from the East

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In recent years, the number of students from Ukraine has increased seven times, and the work was added 3 times more. What is the reason? Previously, many people used to earn in Russia, but now increasingly seen Poland as the main employer. For anybody not a secret that Russia also has its builders, fruit pickers or packers of clothes, but they don't really want to work for the money offered by the employer. Their landmark West, for example, Germany. And at a time when Poles migrate to Germany, Ukrainians migrate to Poland.

It argued that in Poland, Ukrainians do not like or neutral-minded, but this does not prevent them to come for seasonal work and work in the allotted time.

If employer plans to save much, then he may apply to the company, which is engaged in selection of personnel, in order to enable it to focus on core business objectives and not the recruitment and training of staff.

The company Nordstaff can provide you with employees from Ukraine.

Pracownicy z Ukrainy

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