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Workers from Ukraine are massively going to work in Poland

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Recently, in Poland saw record-low unemployment. According to the European statistical office, in September was less than 6%. Little big numbers on the eve allocated by the Department of statistics in Poland, but they were at the lowest level since the early 1990-ies. Analysts believe that the decline in unemployment will come, and faster wage growth.


The unemployment rate in Poland is the lowest in a quarter century. The trend of decline in unemployment has been observed for several months. So, in September in the centers of employment in the country was slightly more than 8% of the population. The growth of the Polish economy pushed many poles to return with their earnings in the country.


"I returned to Poland from the UK with personal reasons, decided that it would be better for me. I'm a young guy, had learned abroad, and now I would like to live and work," said resident Michael Jakubowski.


According to the Ministry of labour of the country, reduction of unemployment recorded in 14 provinces of Poland. The region's unemployment rate is 6.7%. In the place of those who went to work in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, here come the workers from other countries, especially from Ukraine.


"Among those of my friends who come here a hundred percent find a job here and everybody is happy. And then another relatives come and create here for their families," said an employee from Ukraine Antonina Lizinska.


At the same Silesian Voivodeship, in recent years employers have placed 57 thousand. new jobs.


"Compared with previous years, the interest in foreign labour force among Polish employers has increased. First of all, they are looking for traders, workers in manufacturing and construction", — said the employee of the employment center Ekaterina Kozlovskaya.


Experts believe that good economic conditions will continue to create new jobs that will be filled in the majority of Ukrainian immigrants. But this situation can last a long time.


 "Long-term forecasts does not make sense to give, as there is the problem of so-called brakceta. And it is not known how structural and regulatory this issue is resolved, the terms on which Britain will leave the EU, and what will happen to our citizens who work permanently or temporarily reside in this country," — said the doctor of Economics in Katowice Jaroslaw Vasovic.


Meanwhile, the flow of migration in Poland is not decreasing. For the nine months of Russian migration office recorded more than 70 thousand applications for stay of Ukrainian citizens — about a third more than in the same period last year.

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